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Chux Dishwand



Chux Wash-Up Faster DishWand with Replaceable Scourer is non-scratch and can be used to wash-up faster.

"We think there are better ways to spend your time than washing-up!"

If you are under the impression you need to fill up the sink to wash your dishes, then you are in for a surprise! There's a faster alternative (vs. Chux Sponge Scourers) - a detergent dispensing Chux Wash-Up Faster Dishwand that delivers a swift clean while keeping your hands out of the dirty dishwater (winning!). Ergonomically designed to make cleaning glasses a breeze, the angled non-scratch Durascourer will reach hard to clean areas and safely remove grease and grime from utensils, glasses & dishes so you can keep them in better condition for longer (Based on Chux Non-Scratch vs. Chux Heavy Duty Scourer.)!

Anti-leak, easily fill lid. 

Simply, flip and fill.

To change refill.
Simply, Click & Slide

Available refills:
- non-scratch
- heavy duty



To fill lid.
Simply, flip and fill.

To change refill.
Simply, Click & Slide.
Step 1: Click Off.
Step 2: Slide Off.

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