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Ajax Spray N Wipe Trigger Bathroom Cleaner 500Ml



Ajax Professional Antibacterial Bathroom Power Cleaner powers through soap scum, rust stains and grime.
Ajax Professional Bathroom has a fast acting, antibacterial formula which powers through soap scum and grime whilst removing germs. Its power foam trigger allows you to target the area with minimal fuss and makes your cleaning job quicker and easier. 
Professional grade Antibacterial bathroom trigger spray
Powers through soap scum, grime & rust stains
Foaming trigger for targeted product delivery
Made from 100% recyclable packaging
Suitable for showers and baths, wash basins, toilets, shower cubicles made from ceramic tiles, glass or plastic, spash backs, glazed tiles, stainless steel, chrome, taps, ceramic floor & wall tiles



Contains: Phosphoric Acid


To clean: For nonporous surfaces spray onto surface then wipe clean with a damp sponge. For stubborn stains, leave on for up to 10 minutes, then wipe clean with a damp sponge. For porous surfaces, like grout, rinse with water before application, then rinse well within 2 minutes of applying/application.

To disinfect on nonporous surfaces: Simply spray area until thoroughly wet. Let stand for 10 minutes, and then wipe clean with a damp sponge.

Always refer to surface manufacturer's instructions for care.

As with all cleaners, always wear rubber gloves and spray away from your face. After use, rinse thoroughly with water.

Where to use: Always test on an inconspicuous area before use.

Product Warnings

Corrosive Liquid, Inorganic, N.O.S. (Contains Phosphoric Acid)

Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray towards the eyes. Ensure adequate ventilation in confined spaces. Do not use with or immediately after any other chemical or bleach.

Not suitable for: Polished, varnished or lacquered surfaces, cracked, non glazed or unsealed surfaces, natural marble, terrazzo, aluminium or cracked plastic, textiles, rubber, vinyl floor tiles. Use with care on paintwork and old surfaces, apply and immediately wipe clean, Spot test on enamelled surfaces (ie. baths/stoves).

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