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Cookie the Kookaburra Premium Plush Toy – RRT’s Global Mascot!

Cookie is an inspiring animal which represents RRT, being our supportive, compassionate, community friend.

Cookie is now in many areas of the globe, seeking to win the hearts and minds of our communities with his loud infectious laugh, a guarantee to brighten anyone’s day. Now you have been introduced, keep an eye out for Cookie as he flies into RRT events around the globe, but particularly here in Australia. Cookie will create memorable moments that will be with us for many years to come.

You may be thinking why RRT chose a Kookaburra? The Rapid Relief Team Charitable Organisation was founded in Australia so choosing an Australian native animal was significant to RRT’s foundations.

Cookie doesn’t end in his plush toy form, he will be appearing on many digital fronts i.e. competitions, colouring books etc. Physically Cookie will find himself in amazing locations around the world which he will share with us all in his travel blogs – so what this space!

  • Cookie is a trademark of RRT, therefore a unique product to add to your soft toy collection
  • Dimensions:
    • Height (top of head to feet, not including tail) 250mm
    • Width (wing to wing) 520mm
    • Depth (toes to tip of tail) 280mm, (tip of beak to back of head) 160mm