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Mortein NaturGard Crawling Insect Surface Spray Eucalyptus.

Mortein NaturGard Crawling Insect Surface Spray combines over 90% natural ingredients, including natural eucalyptus extract, with 0.1% trusted synthetic actives to kill cockroaches and other crawling insects fast.

- Effectively kills crawling insects.

- Keeps killing cockroaches for up to 6 months.

- Contains over 90% natural ingredients.

- Contains Natural Eucalyptus extract, inspired by eucalyptus from the blue mountains National Park.


Shake can well. Keep can as upright as possible and hold at about 20-25cm from surface. Avoid use on plastic surfaces.
1. Kill Crawling Insects Fast: Spray directly at insect for fast results.
2. Barrier Protection: For protection against cockroaches, ants and spiders. Ensure all sources of ignition are extinguished - spray infested area or insect hiding places such as skirting boards, kitchen cupboards, hot water pipes, under sinks, hot water tanks and behind stoves. Spray these areas thoroughly from about 20-25cm. Surround inaccessible places with a barrier spray. Cockroaches - Spray on skirting boards, under cupboards, stoves and drawers. Ants - Spray around and in garbage bins, food disposal areas and entry points. Spiders - Spray around eaves and wherever webs appear.


Product Warnings

Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal.