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Finish 0% Rinse Aid for drier & shinier dishes, with up to 100 washes. Finish Dishwasher Rinse Aid 0% delivers 2x better drying (vs. (i) water alone or (ii) Finish All in One Tablets alone) performance from your dishwasher, free from what you don't want: Perfume (This product, along with Finish Original Rinse Aid, is perfume free), dyes & environmentally harmful preservatives.For better drying and shinier results, use Finish Additives together with Finish multi-benefit detergents or Finish dishwashing tablets.


See dishwasher instructions booklet on how to use Rinse Aid dispenser. Slowly pour the Finish Rinse Aid into the Rinse Aid dispenser. Wipe up any spills. Finish Rinse aid is automatically released during the rinse cycle. Refill Rinse Aid dispenser as needed: by dishwasher machine indicator light.