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Finish Quantum Ultimate Powerball Tablets Original 36Pk


Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Tablets Lemon Sparkle gives a powerful clean & shine while removing tough stains.
Tackles whatever you throw at it. Our Tablet with boosted power gel tackles tough stains first time for our best clean and shine (vs. Finish all in 1 Max).

Nothing but dishwashing expertise inside.
Free from: Added phosphate, added preservatives.

For Cleaning & Shine:
- Oxygen-based bleaching agents releases active oxygen to hygienically clean.

- Non-ionic surfactants cuts grease and boosts shine.

- Enzymes (Subtilisin, Amylase) breaks down protein and starch-based stains.

For care and protection of dishes and machines:
- Phosphonates enhance shine.
- Polycarboxylates softens water.

- Perfume burst of freshness.
- Colourant gives colour to the tablet.
- Polyvinyl Alcohol
- Water soluble film.


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Handle with dry hands only. Always reseal pack after use.
- No unwrapping. Dissolves completely in the wash.
- Don't place in cutlery basket. Except for Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer if it does not fit in dispenser place it in an empty section of the cutlery basket.
- Place one tab per wash in the dry dispenser. For best results use 50/55ºC or eco/auto cycles. Remove food scraps and scrape plates & dishes. Load dishes with soiled surfaces facing the water sprays.
- For short cycles (30 minutes), if it does not fit or dissolve properly place on the bottom of the dishwasher.
- To protect the quality of the Quantum Ultimate tablets, always reseal the pack after use and store away from heat and moisture. Suitable for most septic tanks, however refer to manufacturer of your waste water treatment system for septic advice. Finish Rinse Aid is recommended for best drying and shine results.

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